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Business Plan

Business Plans

Let's create your business planand get you the data you need to make those crucial decisions.

Detailed Man with Therapist


Let us help you point your existing business in the right direction, using a mix of research, coaching and strategic planning.

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Save a Tree!

Convert your office from paper files, contracts, forms to an easily accessible format you can access from your phone.

Services & Skill Building Workshops

Universal Catered:

  • Building Leadership Skills
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Contract Management
  • Event Planning
  • Proposal Writing
  • Setting up HR
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Successful Meetings
  • Succession Planning
  • Using Google Suite
  • Using the Cloud
  • Presentation Skills
  • Project Management Skills

Indigenous Catered:

  • Facilitation Bootcamp for Indigenous People
  • Teambuilding for Indigenous Organizations
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Constantly providing new services!

Cultural Awareness and Partnership Development

The gifts and skills that Indigenous workers and small businesses have to offer are amazing!This is a terrific opportunity for neighboring communities of the Indigenous nations.Canada's businesses and organizations realize that success includes everyone, and strengthening this knowledge can benefit both. One essential step is to understand what your indigenous neighbors are dealing with prior to beginning a quality relationship.

If you want to learn more, contact us and let us help.

Cultural presentations and collaborations:

A bit about

JT Business Services...

In working with great people in the areas of employment training and development, small business management, partnership development, and project management for over 2 decades, a large network of collaborators was established. With their support and enthusiasm, JT Business Services was created.

JT Services also provides "Intrepreneurship" build and develop a company from the inside, what an adventure!This is one of many ways to bridge the gaps identified in the small business industry, and enabling a distinctive and personalized approach to elevating your company to success.

Resilience is key.

As a small business and employment training professional, I've learned that digital support is the difference between companies that survive, and those that thrive.

This digital-driven service approach has transformed "paper" businesses, dramatically improving their metrics, sales, and most importantly, brand love. Take the leap, dive deep into transforming, and get the results you want!

Beatrice Johnson Tarbell

Beatrice Johnson Tarbell (Konwakeri), Deer Clan, is a lifelong resident of the Mohawk Nation territory of Akwesasne. Bea is a passionate teacher, community member, small business champion, and public speaker. During her career, Bea has worked primarily in training and professional development, labour market and employment resource facilitation, and all manner of small business advocacy roles in both an executive director and volunteer capacity.

Bea was the lead in coordinating the first-ever in-depth labour market information study in Akwesasne that compiled statistical data regarding employment trends and barriers affecting the Indigenous workforce both on and off the community. She has been a long-term director with the Akwesasne Chamber of Commerce and helped facilitate the annual Akwesasne Business Excellence Awards. She has delivered countless engaging public speaking sessions on cultural awareness both locally

and nationally from large conferences to awareness both locally and nationally from large conferences to classrooms. Bea was the Executive Director for a revolutionary midwifery organization in Akwesasne helping to build the organization from the ground up and helping re-write legislation for international midwifery. She has also developed and delivered a large number of customer service skills courses and countless other training aids for people in and outside her community.

Having a good conversation about your pride and joy, your business, is always exciting to hear!

We also understand that no one person knows it all. You just want to do what your passion is!

Let us help discover what your challenges are and devise a game plan to rise above it and succeed.

If you want to learn more, contact us and let us help.

Let's collaborate!

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